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A Renaissance of Nuclear Energy?

Analysis of the conditions regarding a worldwide expansion of nuclear energy according to the plans of the nuclear industry and various scenarios of the Nuclear Energy Agency of the OECD

In this study for the Federal Office for Radiation Protection Prognos analysed the conditions regarding a worldwide expansion of nuclear energy. The construction of new reactors faces several challenges. Given these challenges we expect that many of the about 380 announced reactors worldwide will not be built. Given the shutdown of aged plants, the number of reactors in operation worldwide is likely to decrease by 22% until 2020 and by about 29% until the year 2030, relative to the reference level in March 2009.

Autor: Matthias Deutsch, Jens Hobohm, Leonard Krampe, Stefan Mellahn, Vincent Rits, Christian Seidel

Kunde: The Federal Office for Radiation Protection, Germany

Jahr: 2009

Typ: Studie

Bereich: Energie & Klimaschutz

Themenfeld: Energiewirtschaft

Tags: Umwelt, Stromversorgung, 2030