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The Impact of Anti-Dumping Duties on Imports of Solar Panels from China on EU Employment

On the one hand, the solar panel industry is characterized by
various and high subsidies, on the other hand, production costs are rapidly falling. Some European manufacturers argue that Chinese export prices of solar panels are below the Chinese domestic prices, i.e. that their prices constitute dumping. In order to guarantee a competitive market this would justify the European Commission imposing antidumping measures on imports from China. However, lower import prices foster domestic demand for solar panels. As the whole engineering industry is very labor intensive, this might also have positive effects on employment. Due to current tensions and developments, Prognos has conducted a study analyzing the impacts of anti-dumping duties on Chinese imports of solar panels on EU employment.

Autor: Dr. Oliver Ehrentraut, Sabrina Schmutz

Kunde: g+ europe

Jahr: 2012

Typ: Studie

Bereich: Energie & Klimaschutz, Wirtschaft & Arbeit

Themenfeld: Energiewirtschaft, Regionalentwicklung & Wirtschaftsförderung, Volkswirtschaftliche Grundsätze

Tags: China, Technologie, Globalisierung, Europa, Industrie, labour, Technologiestandort, Stromversorgung, Erneuerbare Energien, renewable energy, Stromerzeugung