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Assessment of the current situation and state of the art of energy efficiency in Brazil

In fast growing economies the secure provision of energy (electricity, coal, oil, gas, renewables) is of greatest importance to ensure the growing economy. Fast growing countries like Brazil are facing an enormous increase in power plant capacities and other transformation and transmission facilities. Therefore energy saving and the efficient use of energy is of vital interest. In order to understand the quality and quantities of energy efficiency, and to stimulate the further progress in efficient use of energy, these processes have to be measured. Within this project we will contribute to the understanding of the progress of energy efficiency by sharing with colleagues from Brazil our experience of energy data collection and processing.

Autor: Friedrich Seefeldt, Andreas Jahn

Kunde: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ)

Jahr: 2009

Typ: Redaktioneller Beitrag

Anbieter: Prognos AG

Bereich: Energie & Klimaschutz

Themenfeld: Erneuerbare Energien & Energieeffizienz, Energieeffizienz