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Evaluation of the ERDF OP 2007-2013 Schleswig-Holstein and the Future Economic Programme (ZPW)

The economy of Schleswig-Holstein has experienced comparatively positive development in recent years. The consequences of the economic and financial crisis have been relatively slight. At the same time, there have been significant increases in productivity and investment, while the number of new businesses established continues to be above average. Knowledge-intensive and business-related services have increasingly developed into the sector driving the growth of the Schleswig-Holstein economy in recent years (above German and EU averages in terms of employment share and employment growth).

Autor: Michael Winter, Holger Bornemann, Jan Berewinkel, Anja Breuer, Florian Knetsch, Daniel Schrödl

Kunde: Ministry of Science,Economic Affairs and Transport of the State ofSchleswig-Holstein

Jahr: 2011

Typ: Gutachten

Bereich: Standort & Region

Themenfeld: Struktur- und Regionalpolitik

Tags: EFRE, ERDF, region, SWOT, Evaluierung