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LogMan Deliverable 2 - Report on external factors

The research project Logman is focussing on the existing and forthcoming interrelationships of the manufacturing an logistic systems. Logman contributes to the future actions the European Commission intends to undertake in order to improve the efficiency and the sustainability of the manufacturing and logistic systems. Logman will make transparent how logistical processes will evolve over time and identify the means how transport policy at the level of EU 27 will be able to influence them.

This report is the first deliverable of the Logman research project. It documents the full results of the Work Package 2 which is dedicated to the external factors influencing the logistic and manufacturing systems.

Autor: Stephan Kritzinger, Jan Limbers, Tobias Dennisen et al.

Jahr: 2011

Typ: Report

Bereich: Infrastruktur & Verkehr

Themenfeld: Mobilität & Transport

Tags: CO2, footprint, Nachhaltigkeit, Transport