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Providing Orientation.

If you want to make the right decisions tomorrow, you need strong intelligence today. At Prognos we provide you with independent intelligence based on scientific research and with close links to practice. Since 1959 we have been delivering those services to our many clients, from the public and private sector alike.

Insights & News

Thursday, 2022-07-28 | Project conclusion

Munich soon to be waste free

We supported the Wuppertal Institute in the development of the Zero Waste Concept Munich for Munich’s waste management services (AWM).

Thursday, 2022-07-21 | Project update

Status of the gas supply

What is the latest on the gas supply in Germany? How high is demand? How high are gas storage levels? What would the damage be to the German economy if delivery failed completely?

Our Expertise

You are concerned with relevant topics and future issues from business, politics or society? So are we! Learn more about our expertise.

Economy & Labour

Economy and labour are in a state of change. This requires both vision and the ability to act flexibly.

Society & Welfare Systems

Preserving social cohesion requires reliable strategies for the future. Because people need orientation and a safety net.

Energy & Mobility

The energy transition requires a profound restructuring of the existing transport and supply systems.

Climate & Sustainability

The challenges around climate and sustainability are enormous. The time to lay the foundation for the lives of future generations is now.

Innovation & Digitalisation

Innovations and their promotion require foresight, digitalisation needs a strategic framework – in the private as well as the public sector.

Region & Infrastructure

Regions and locations must recognise their potential, develop structures with foresight and implement future projects. Participation creates acceptance.

Government & Administration

Digitalisation, demographics and bureaucracy reduction: The public sector is facing complex challenges.

Foresight & Forecasts

What is conceivable, possible, likely, desirable? Scenarios, forecasts and other foresight methods explore the scope of action.

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Our services.

We take you further.
We provide high quality work. Using sound methods, we analyse economic and political developments. For projects and processes, we provide solution-oriented and empathetic support. We have over 60 years of experience in a wide range of disciplines and provide consultancy with vision and expertise.

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Methods & models.

Scientific, interdisciplinary, robust.
Our services are based on scientific methods from economics and sociology up to data science. Powerful technical-economic models have been the foundation of our work since our establishment at the University of Basel, in 1959.

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Prognos – Providing Orientation.

Prognos is one of the oldest economic research centres in Europe. Founded at the University of Basel, Prognos experts have been conducting research for a wide range of clients from the public and private sectors since 1959 – politically independent, scientifically sound.

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