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Tuesday, 2021-07-27 | Projekt

The future of construction

For the building industry, climate protection is moving into the centre. Because it is one of the largest consumers of resources and energy. Study for the Future Council of the vbw.

Wednesday, 2021-07-21 | Projekt

City life of the future

Prognos is part of the consortium of the BMI programme Model Projects Smart Cities (MPSC).

Friday, 2021-06-25 | Projekt

Technology & Innovation Centre for Hydrogen

The BMVI wants to promote an innovation and technology center for hydrogen. Prognos and its partners are evaluating the concepts of four German regions and investigating their feasibility.

Tuesday, 2021-06-22 | Projekt

Digital Higher Education

Prognos AG has been evaluating the BMBF's funding activities in the research field of "Digital Higher Education" since the end of 2020.

Friday, 2021-06-11 | Projekt

Technical CO2 sinks

To achieve climate neutrality, CO2 must be removed from the atmosphere. Prognos prepared an expert report on technical CO2 sinks for dena.

Tuesday, 2021-06-8 | Projekt

Services for families in Germany

Family education and family counselling facilities in Germany have a wide reach and support people in different social situations. This is shown in a study for the BMFSFJ.

Thursday, 2021-05-20 | Meldung

Prognos Sustainability Report 2020

When it comes to sustainability, Prognos focuses on the well-being of its employees in addition to entrepreneurial success and sustainable innovations. The new sustainability report shows the focus areas in 2019 and 2020.