Innovation & Digitalisation

Making smart use of the opportunities of progress.

Whether state or company: Anyone who wants to keep up with global competition needs a long-term innovation strategy – and the economic strength to implement it. Digital transformation and new technologies hold enormous potential. At the same time, there is a risk of leaving certain parts of society, companies or regions behind.

It is, therefore, all the more important that policymakers already have answers today. How, for example, can research and funding contribute to overcoming societal challenges – regionally and nationally? Where is further bureaucracy reduction in the administration required? What other future technologies, for example from biotechnology or quantum technology, can we expect and how do we determine their long-term benefits?

We analyse the trend-setting future topics and develop strategies for Research & Innovation Policy, Innovation Strategies as well as Future Technologies & Digital Transformation.

Research & Innovation Policy

Innovation – the engine of economic growth and prosperity. To achieve this, research and innovation policy aims to optimize the framework conditions.

Innovation Strategies

In global competition, innovation is in high demand. Public innovation strategies support competitiveness – at the European, national, and regional levels.

Future Technologies & Digital Transformation

Whether disruptive or gradual: the digital transformation of the economy and society calls for the timely identification of risks and the seizing of opportunities.

Digital Administration & Better Regulation

What will public administration of the future look like? Digital, efficient and service-oriented!

Our work on this topic

Take a look at our latest projects and activities.

Conference: Clusters meet Regions in Košice

| Event

Dr Jan-Philipp Kramer presents an input paper at an EU Clusters meet Regions conference in Košice on March 29.

Webinar: Monitoring the Transition to Circular Economy

| Event

Jannis Lambert and Tim Bichlmeier talk about monitoring concepts for the Circular Economy and present a self-assessment tool.

Bureaucracy costs in a European comparison

| Project

In which country is the implementation of EU law the most streamlined? Our study compares the bureaucratic burden on companies and develops initial proposals.

Evaluation of EU funding programme for the development of digital solutions for older people

| Project

Digital solutions can make life easier for older people. The EU's Active and Assisted Living Programme (AAL2) has actively contributed to the development of novel solutions.

Innovation strategy for the Hamburg Metropolitan Region

| Project

Innovation is more and more frequently emerging across regions and industries. Together with IMP³ROVE, we developed a strategy for the Hamburg Metropolitan Region (MRH) including out-standing innovation projects.

Clusters meet regions workshop in Barcelona

| Event

The fifth Clusters meet Regions workshop will focus on sustainable competitiveness and the role of clusters in this.

Cluster meets Regions-Workshop in Croatia

| Event

The "Cluster meets Regions" workshop discusses digital transformation and interregional cooperation in Croatia.

Innovation Index Germany

| Project

How does the expansion of the digital infrastructure affect regional innovation strength? The IID.2022 provides clarification.

International Conference: Smart Specialisation

| Event

Dr Jan-Philipp Kramer takes part in a panel discussion on Intelligent Specialisation Strategies.

European Cluster Conference 2022

| Event

Dr Jan-Philipp Kramer and Lennart Galdiga inform in Prague about the competence centre "NRW.innovativ" and represent the European Cluster Collaboration Platform.

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