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Thursday, 2024-06-13 | Project conclusion

Getting a head start through science

The new Federal Report on Research and Innovation (Bufi) 2024 provides data and facts on the German research and innovation system.

Tuesday, 2024-06-11 | Expertise

"Move Europe - it's urgent!"

Europe sandwiched between the USA and China: In his guest article in WirtschaftsWoche, Christian Böllhoff calls for a geo-economic reorientation of Europe.

Tuesday, 2024-05-21 | Project update

European cluster ecosystems united

The European Cluster Conference is a key element of cluster collaboration. It focuses on political priorities, the exchange of best practices and practical contacts across a comprehensive EU-wide network.

Friday, 2024-05-17 | Expertise

Where is Germany still leading the pack?

Mechanical engineering, the automotive industry, pharmaceuticals: On behalf of the Handelsblatt we examined which German sectors are still keeping pace with their international competitors.

Wednesday, 2024-05-15 | Project update

Federal Research and Innovation Report

The Federal Government regularly presents their current research and innovation policy goals and measures in the Federal Research and Innovation Report. Prognos assists the BMBF in the preparation of the report.

Monday, 2024-05-13 | Project conclusion

What will the transport transition cost?

It is clear it will have a price. But how much would need to be invested in vehicles, infrastructure and personnel to enable the implementation of a consistent transformation?

Wednesday, 2024-05-8 | Project conclusion

Development of a group-wide raw materials strategy

Our retail industry client commissioned us to develop a group-wide raw materials concept. We assisted the company from conception stage right through to the launch of the interactive web tool.

Friday, 2024-04-26 | New project

Realignment of European structural funds

From 2027 onwards the structural funds are to be made more efficient and goal oriented. Through the integration of relevant stakeholders, a study develops recommendations for action.