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Friday, 2024-01-19 | New project

Innovations in domestic care

A skilled worker shortage and increased numbers of people requiring care: domestic care is facing major challenges. Prognos is evaluates the implementation of the Buurtzorg approach, an innovative community care model, for the Saxon State Ministry for Social Affairs and Social Cohesion.

Monday, 2024-01-15 | Company news

New year, new partners

Since this year, Prognos has appointed seven new partners to the management team. This puts us in an excellent position to offer our almost 300 employees at ten locations the necessary guidance.

Friday, 2024-01-12 | Project conclusion

Alternative transport scenario for Germany

Environmental organisations have tasked Prognos with adapting selected assumptions from the BMDV (Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure) transport forecasts in order to facilitate climate friendly transport development.

Thursday, 2024-01-4 | Project conclusion

Higher pensions and lower prices in the East

In which regions of Germany’s regions is retirement particularly cheap and where has it become more expensive that average? Prognos examined this for the German Insurance Industry Association.

Saturday, 2023-12-30 | Project conclusion

Circular economy in the northern Netherlands

Three provinces in the north of the Netherlands want to become leaders in the circular economy in Europe by 2025. Prognos examined the current status of implementation.

Thursday, 2023-12-7 | Project conclusion

Value added of German pharmaceutical exports

Compared to the other export sectors, German pharmaceutical exports show above-average levels of innovation and value-added intensity. This is shown by a new study commissioned by Roche.