Regions & Infrastructures

Identifying, facilitating and shaping individual regional advantages.

Succeeding in the competition between regions and locations means putting your own potential to targeted use. Locations, energy networks, the mobility system, smart cities and the circular economy can only be promoted in a future-oriented manner by recognising the needs and opportunities of tomorrow.

But the transformation process will not only produce winners. How can we ensure that reconstruction is socially balanced? How can trade-offs between economics, ecology, and resource conservation be solved? What can companies do to become more sustainable? And how can network operators or municipalities invest in a future-proof manner?

With extensive experience, well-founded data and our Prognos models, we support regional and supra-regional actors, institutions and decision-makers from politics and business. Together we develop concepts, investment plans and strategies – and together we implement them.

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We provide high quality work. Using sound methods, we analyse economic and political developments. For projects and processes, we provide solution-oriented and empathetic support. We have over 60 years of experience in a wide range of disciplines and provide consultancy with vision and expertise.

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