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We are independent and near you.

Prognos has its roots in Switzerland, at the University of Basel, where our company was founded back in 1959. This place forms the backdrop of our general scientific approach, economic expertise and political independence, traits which form the very basis of our services. Today Prognos has spread out and is represented by around 180 experts in nine different locations: Basel, Berlin, Bremen, Brussels, Düsseldorf, Freiburg, Hamburg, Munich, and Stuttgart. We are there for you on site, we know your area and we know your area’s needs.

We think and work in context.

At Prognos we always work across disciplines. Our teams count economists, geographers, engineers, mathematicians, sociologists and transportation researchers among their experts, working side by side for you. This ensures a constant exchange between our all research topics.

We make reliable projections for the future.

Prognos has tried and tested, steadily growing economic models at its disposal. We use them to develop advanced scenarios to give you an idea of how things may look in times to come. By using detailed analyses, we seek out concrete modes of action. We help you accomplish your goal: giving you a head start when it comes to insight, competition and time.

How we work.

We perform high-quality work.

This is our guiding principle. Our roots lie in Switzerland, at the University of Basel - from the very beginning, substance and quality were particularly important to us. This means for our projects: We analyse carefully, develop reliable and reliable results and communicate them clearly and comprehensibly. For us, transparency is part of a credible, serious working method: In each analysis, it is clearly recognizable on whose behalf it was prepared, which assumptions were made and which methods we applied.

Political independence.

Prognos does not receive any basic funding or subsidies from political parties or other political interest groups. We are not committed to any ideological orientation or school of thought. This is a benefit for our clients since an independent voice weighs more heavily in the public debate than a biased one. This is the reason why energy companies as well as environmental organisations, employers' associations and trade unions commission us. Quality is crucial. The results of methodically clean, independent work are accepted across ideological boundaries.

As a matter of principle, Prognos does not accept any research or consulting assignments from political parties.

Economic independece.

Prognos finances itself through the successful processing of research and project orders. We currently manage more than 250 projects per year. There are no customers that account for significantly more than 10 percent of annual sales. That's why we never depend on a single assignment or a single client. With every inquiry, we have the freedom to decide whether to accept the project or not. We only do this if it is guaranteed that we can adhere to our quality standards and that the results will be recognised by experts and the public. Because we are convinced that this is, first and foremost, in the interest of the client.

Solid models.

More than forty years of model work have made our models what they are today: interconnected and tested scientific instruments that enable us to create recognized, resilient forecasts and scenarios and to interpret them methodically.

Our models compete with other models from science and consulting. Since we have been using the instruments for many years for recurring problems, we can review the results retrospectively and continuously improve the models. We map the interactions and dynamics of the respective model segments using well-founded methods and algorithms and test them using test routines and sensitivity calculations, inter alia.

Quality of the data used.

Prognos uses only meaningful statistics from methodically clean, credible sources.

The data comes from national and international organisations and research institutions, including, for example, data from official federal and state statistics, Eurostat or UN organisations, the Federal Employment Agency or the Federal Environment Agency, data from the Stifterverband der deutschen Wissenschaft, criminal statistics or the medical register, or data from the International Energy Agency or the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Energiebilanzen (AGEB).

Our models are regularly compared with the updated economic data systems.

Ensuring compliance with our quality standards.

We live our guiding principle "We do high-quality work". It is also reflected in our rules and processes:

  • Regular project reviews
  • Four-eyes principle
  • Internal and external outcome discussions
  • Open feedback culture across all hierarchical levels
  • Interdisciplinarity: Different perspectives sharpen the view of project risks, different methods complement each other.
  • Project structure plans enable us to adapt to current project developments while integrating the experience and knowledge gained
  • Experienced quality managers from the executive board review our projects on a sample basis to ensure compliance with our quality standards. For some selected projects, they advise and accompany the project team.
  • Quality management training for all employees. Here we are guided by the relevant normative bases of DIN 69901 as well as DIN EN ISO 9001.

Who we work with.

Every year we handle more than 250 projects. Our clients come from various fields:

  • Federal and state ministries and other public sector institutions
  • European institutions (European Commission, European Investment Bank, European Parliament, etc.)
  • European associations (e.g. European Chemical Employers Group, Transport & Environment Brussels, industriAll - European Trade Union)
  • NGOs, think tanks, foundations and other non-profit organizations
  • Large enterprises and SMEs
  • interest groups such as economic and social associations, employers and trade unions
  • public enterprises
  • decision-makers and planners in regions and municipalities
  • media houses

What defines us.

Here, many colleagues and Prognos Managing Director Christian Böllhoff show what Prognos is all about. Also, a "secret" is revealed: How do we actually do these long-term studies?

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This is what we stand for.

Prognos takes responsibility – in our projects, for our employees, for the future. Sustainability is more than a subject to us, it is our point of orientation. What we do today must still be good tomorrow. This is how we think and this is how we act.

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