Corporate Culture

It is our attitude and our people that make us unique.

What makes us different

Our good reputation for fact-orientation and political independence now precedes us.

Many decision-makers rely on our facts and figures. Our results help determine how the economy, society, and politics develop.

We see this relevance as a great privilege – and equally, as a great responsibility. We also want to live up to this responsibility as an employer. For this reason, the following principles are not just words for us, but everyday life.

How we work together

Workmanship and independence

Substance and quality are particularly important to us. For our projects this means: We conduct careful analysis, produce durable and reliable results, and communicate them clearly and com-prehensibly. We are not committed to any ideological orientation or school of thought. With every request we have the freedom to consider whether we accept the mandate. Of course, only when we can guarantee our quality standards and when the results can be recognised by experts and the public. For us, transparency is also part of a credible and serious way of working: Each analysis is clearly labelled with who commissioned it, and which assumptions and methods were used.

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True interdisciplinarity and open doors

We at Prognos are a team – closely networked across nine locations, excellently staffed with over 200 experts from a wide range of scientific disciplines, from the social, economic, and natural sciences. And: Here, everyone knows everyone, some of them for many years. Therefore, we know exactly who to consult for which project. One of our great strengths lies in personal exchange: Continuous knowledge transfer, changes of perspective, and an open-door policy, are what char-acterise our corporate culture. Not only because it makes technical sense but also because it creates great personal satisfaction.

Sustainability in everyday work

This topic is not only anchored in the range of services we offer our clients. In the company itself – and beyond – we are also committed to an environmentally conscious (working) day-to-day life across all locations. Forward-looking, future-based actions as well as social and ecological commitment, are essential components of our corporate responsibility to our employees and our clients.

In addition to an employee-oriented human resources policy, our corporate social responsibility policy primarily includes the protection of the climate and the environment. For us, the careful use of natural resources and a serious commitment on the ground are part of this responsibility. As a company committed to continuous learning, we know that the implementation of our sustainability guidelines is a continuous process and always a work in progress.

Tolerance, diversity & inclusion

We see equal opportunities as the basis of our daily work, our cooperation, and our actions. An inclusive corporate culture is just as important to us as an openness to change and new perspectives. In order to enable professional participation regardless of origin, gender identity, religion, skin colour, or physical characteristics, we strive every single day to reflect on our own actions and to break down potential barriers. This topic is supported by our AGG representatives (General Equal Treatment Act) and our women and equal opportunities representatives.

You like to be seen and heard – your impetus

At Prognos, you can be the starting point for a new innovation project, explore new ways of work-ing together with your team, participate in the “Women Together” programme, start a business yoga group, bring your dog to work and much more – how our community develops is in your hands. We are an organisation of short paths and open communication. In principle, anything is possible that is in line with your team and our entrepreneurial understanding. We are thinkers – and doers. And preferably together.

Work made easy

At Prognos, everyone gives their all. That is what our job demands. We have the highest methodological demands and are committed to our topics. That is why as an employer, we ensure that our Prognos team benefit from a comfortable working environment and attractive benefits. In addition to state-of-the-art infrastructure and equipment, we offer flexible working options – in the office, or when required, from home or on the move. We can also discuss everything from moving to another location to adjusting your workload. You can rely on us to do everything we can to ensure your satisfaction.

Our mission statement

That is who we are – that is what we stand for. Our mission statement unites the values that we live and want to live at Prognos. It is both the basis for internal processes and for our cooperation with partners and clients.


Prognos-Leitbild: Wir leisten Wertarbeit

We do quality work with our clients.

Prognos-Leitbild: Wir beraten unabhängig

We advise independently.

Prognos-Leitbild: Wir packen Zukunftsthemen an

We tackle future issues.

Prognos-Leitbild: Wir haben wirtschaftlichen Erfolg

We are successful in business.

Prognos-Leitbild: Wir leben Vielfalt

We live diversity.

Prognos-Leitbild: Wir halten Balance zwischen Beruf und Privatem

We maintain a balance between work and private life.

Prognos-Leitbild: Wir schätzen einander

We value each other.

Prognos-Leitbild: Wir handeln nachhaltig

We act sustainably.

Prognos-Leitbild: Wir fördern Freiräume

We promote freedoms.

Prognos-Leitbild: Wir entwickeln und stetig weiter

We are constantly evolving.

Leadership as role model

We have a collegial understanding of leadership that goes beyond achieving economic goals. Leadership at Prognos means being a role model, freedom, and teamwork. It is about mutual understanding, listening, and successful cooperation. For us “leading” means recognising potential with foresight, being open to proposals, and listening to what our employees have to say.

Gespräch zwischen zwei Prognos Mitarbeiterinnen

Our 8 leadership principles

1. You are aware of your position as a role model.

Zwei Kollegen im Gespräch.

Our 8 leadership principles

2. You provide an overview of your area of responsibility.


Our 8 leadership principles

3. You encourage all your employees and treat them with appreciation. You see the person as a whole.

Our 8 leadership principles

4. You give your employees access to topics and visible expertise.


Our 8 leadership principles

5. You communicate and act respectfully. You do not let stereotypes determine your leadership actions and use the diversity of your employees for better results.

Drei Personen sitzen am Tisch mit einem Laptop und unterhalten sich.

Our 8 leadership principles

6. You recognise the different balance needs of your employees, promote a balance-friendly working culture, and take these into account.

Team Meeting

Our 8 leadership principles

7. You judge fairly and transparently.

Our 8 leadership principles

8. You actively promote and structure the overall development in your area of responsibility.

Our path to climate neutrality

Prognos AG aims to become climate-neutral by 2035. Our sustainability team has identified the CO2 emissions we currently produce. As a result, measures are continuously being developed to avoid, reduce, or compensate when there is no other option.

Windkraftanlage und Feld von rotem Mohn. Windkraftanlage zur Stromerzeugung.

Principle: Avoid before reducing, reduce before compensating

Almost 50 percent of our emissions are in areas that can be avoided or reduced directly. For the remaining emissions, we are partly dependent on external service providers and, in future, climate-neutral supply chains.

Zug der Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn bei Andermatt

Business trips

We try to avoid business trips by plane. Instead, we travel short distances by train and for longer journeys arrive in advance and stay overnight. We also provide railcards to our colleagues.



We are making our colleagues aware of how to use heating efficiently. Where possible, intelligent thermostats are used. 

Lebensmittel auf dem Tisch

Internal and external events

We plan ahead, which allows for climate-friendly travel or vegetarian meals at our events.  

Digital meetings

Our locations have been equipped with high-quality conference systems. A step toward conducting CO2-neutral events.

Windräder und Photovoltaikanlage


Where our rental agreements permit, we have switched our electricity supply to green electricity providers.

Schwarzes Sportrad lehnt an roter Säule im Berliner Prognos-Büro

Our sustainability initiatives make a difference

We value climate-friendly thinking and action by all. We create open doors, be it for individual suggestions or for employee initiatives. The Prognos Nachhaltigkeitskreis (sustainability circle) has been instrumental in initiating and supporting our clear commitment to concrete goals as well as the measures.

Vogelperspektive auf einen kleinen Pfad in einem Wald


Our offset payments are made annually. Our self-set CO2 price is at least at the level of the current Fuel Emissions Trading Act, and in the medium term on a path of up to 180 €/t in the target year.

Behind the scenes

Here, our employees tell us how our values are experienced in our daily work.

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