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ADAC Mobility Index: Survey of Sustainable Mobility in Germany


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Throughout the past decades, an increasing range of mobility services has played a major role in virtually eliminating the significance of long distances almost completely and increasing the degree of interconnection between German regions. With that, negative factors like rising emissions, higher accident rates or an increasing number of traffic jams have gone along.

The increasing demand for transportation is met by political and social requirements for sustainable mobility.

The question thus is:
Are we on the right path towards an ecologically, socially and economically compatible development?

Answering this question requires a thorough and continuous monitoring based on scientifically sound data. To conduct such a monitoring, ADAC has commissioned Prognos as a scientific partner.

The aim of the study: Developing a science- and data-based evaluation method in order to present the different developments transparently as well as contribute to an illustrating debate.

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To do so, five dimensions were investigated:

  • Availability
  • Road Safety
  • Reliability
  • Affordability
  • Climate and environment

The result: Comparing the index values of the base year 2015 with those from 2019 shows that mobility has generally not become more sustainable during the last years. The index values are identical to 2015. After the overall index had developed even negatively from 2015 until 2017, mobility became slightly more sustainable from then on. The past two years, however, were merely enough to reach the standard of 2015.

Here you can find details and the entire study (in German)


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