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Though there is a limit to what we can do to alleviate the suffering caused by this war, it is important to us that everyone gets involved where they can. As a company with a broad-based commitment, we want to contribute to this.

Prognos helps with donations: Prognos has donated money to several relief organisations. These include but are not limited to:

  • Quarteera - an organisation that helps LGBTQ+ people escape from Ukraine
  • Bridge of Hope - an organisation that initiates individual projects on the ground
  • Elisabethstift - the youth welfare organisation in the Diakonisches Werk, which organises the transport of aid supplies

Prognos helps with information: As in any war, disinformation also plays a key role in the war in Ukraine. We have appointed our employee Dr. Henner Kropp to explain the background and historical references of the conflict to any interested Prognos employees. Dr. Kropp is a historian with a focus on Russia.

Prognos helps with time off: To enable our employees to get involved, we release them from their duties so they can volunteer, and give them support wherever we can.

Prognos helps with donations: The Berlin Prognos team took donations for Ukrainian refugees to Berlin's Südkreuz station. The Berlin colleagues also supported aid transport over the Polish-Ukrainian border, organised by the German St. Georg Scouts.

Prognos helps by giving blood: In March 2022, Prognos called for blood donations across all locations and donated an additional 50 euros to the German Red Cross for Ukraine, for each blood donation given by eleven colleagues.

Prognos helps with jobs: We are participating in the jobs4refugees campaign and have already hired a job-seeking Ukrainian refugee through this initiative.

Prognos helps with coordination: Prognos set up "Prognos4Ukraine,” an internal team channel, to coordinate our activities, to publish fundraising and action calls, and to create a pool of ideas.

You can find out more information about our social commitment here

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