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Dossier: Cultural and
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Since the renaming of the Facebook-owned platforms to “Meta platforms” in 2021, the term metaverse has become a familiar one for many people. While the topic of artificial intelligence, particularly in the form of ChatGPT, has meanwhile overtaken public discussions, the metaverse and its relevant technologies are receiving billions in investment. This includes extended-reality-technologies such as virtual reality goggles that make it possible to submerge oneself in virtual worlds. 

On behalf of the Federal Cultural and Creative Industries Competence Centre, Prognos analysed the opportunities and the challenges the metaverse holds for the cultural and creative industries. 

The metaverse opens new worlds for the creative sector

The worlds of the metaverse open exciting new markets, target groups and business models for the creative and cultural industries (CCIs). The dossier shows: even if the metaverse according to its very definition remains a future dream, the opportunities for the CCIs are already beginning to emerge. 

It could also sustainably change the CCIs and alongside the challenges it presents – for example, when it comes to security, data protection and copyright – it also offers major opportunities for many sub-markets. Though it has until now remained a niche topic, many are already taking their first steps in the virtual world. Among those taking a pioneering role are the software and gaming industries.

For those who are keen to already get started using the metaverse today, we have created a step-by-step guide that is available at the end of the feature dossier.

Feature dossier (PDF in German)

Other features (CCIs website in German)

Our work at the Federal Cultural and Creative Industries Competence Centre

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