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„There is little hope that nuclear power can contribute to the solution.“
Dr Almut Kirchner

What needs to happen for Switzerland to become climate-neutral by 2050?

In conversation with David Vonplon and Christof Forster from the Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Dr Almut Kirchner, energy expert, explains how the conversion of the energy system can succeed without bottlenecks, and answers a total of 25 questions about the Swiss energy system.


She also reveals how she personally saves energy and that more energy can be saved in the household than some people think.

The in-depth two-page conversation about the Swiss energy system with David Vonplon and Christof Forster appeared in the NZZ between Christmas and New Year.

You can read it in full here:

Interview on the NZZ website (in German)

Stand: 03.01.2023

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