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Promoting Cultural and Creative Industries in the EU




The research paper "Promoting Cultural and Creative Industries in the EU" provides an overview of the European Union's funding instruments for cultural and creative industries (CCIs) in the new funding period 2021-2027.

The research paper identifies a total of 13 funding programmes that are of interest to the sector in a broader sense. Five programmes, including Creative Europe, Horizon Europe, New European Bauhaus, InvestEU and Digital Europe, with direct relevance to the CCI are presented in more detail, and tips for applicants from the creative scene are derived.

Project manager Bianca Creutz summarises: "The funding opportunities for the cultural and creative industries have expanded. Funding budgets have been increased and access opportunities improved. The implementation of the funding programmes will show whether further adjustments will be necessary for the future.

To the dossier (PDF in German,

Our work for the Competence Centre (in German)

Authors: Dr Olaf Arndt, Bianca Creutz, Vera Fuhs, Janis Neufeld

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