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Prognos Sustainability Report 2020





„Sustainability is essential for Prognos.“
Christian Böllhoff, CEO

Sustainability is caring - caring for employees, for the environment and economic stability. And: Sustainability is a joint task. This is also shown by the second sustainability report of Prognos AG, which has now been published as part of the WIN-Charta Baden-Württemberg.

In the 2019/2020 reporting period, for example, Prognos' mission statement was revised in a participatory process with colleagues, a sustainability team was established, and the range of health-promoting measures was expanded. With a high degree of flexibility, transparency and trust, the company management also ensured that everyday working life was as safe as possible in the 2020 pandemic year. In addition to employee well-being, efforts in 2019/2020 focused on sustainable business success and innovative strength. 23 innovation projects, initiated and implemented by employees, help to ensure that the company remains innovative and fit for the future. "Sustainability is essential for Prognos," emphasizes Managing Director Christian Böllhoff on the occasion of the completion of the report and is pleased with the commitment of his colleagues.

While in 2019 and 2020 the focus was on employee well-being and job security, from 2021 onwards the carbon footprint will also bring ecology back into the spotlight of sustainability efforts at Prognos.

As a consulting company, Prognos helped develop the WIN Charter. As a signatory to the charter, the company acknowledges its social, ecological and economic responsibility.

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