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Germany Report 2025|2035|2045


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Germany will become more global, more digital, greener and older in the next 30 years. This is shown by Prognos Deutschland Report 2025|2035|2045, which was published at the turn of the years 2018/2019.

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Selected results from the Germany Report

Globalization cannot be stopped.

The trade conflict in the United States will temporarily slow it down, but not bring it to a standstill. The expansion of international economic relations will be driven on the one hand by new technologies and on the other by growing middle classes in today's developing and emerging countries. With regard to their per capita income, today's developing and emerging countries will remain far below the level of the industrialized countries in the long term - despite their increasing integration into the global economy and their above-average growth rates.

Digitalisation is changing the world of work.

Human labour will not be exhausted in the process. Technological progress, however, places new and increasing demands on the qualifications of employees in Germany. Good education and in-service training are prerequisites for the continued employability of the individual and continued economic growth. Automation and robotics make new and more efficient forms of production possible. The world of work 4.0 not only needs more qualifications, but also new regulatory rules.

An internationally coordinated approach to climate protection has moved into the distant future.

In addition to climate protection, adaptation to climate change is therefore becoming more important. The development of climate protection technologies strengthens the innovative strength of the economy and their use reduces the dependence on energy price fluctuations. Climate protection technologies will increasingly be developed in China in the future. Germany is losing its pioneering role in climate protection.

In Germany - as in many other countries - the population will age increasingly.

The number of people of working age is declining significantly, and the number of people of retirement age is rising sharply. This poses challenges for both the labour market and the social security systems.

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