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Monitoring Schleswig-
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Ministry of Economic Affairs, Transport, Employment, Technology and Tourism for Schleswig-Holstein



Our mission

The German federal states are being encouraged to develop “Regional research and innovation strategies for smart specialisation" (RIS3 strategies). The preparation of RIS3 strategies was a condition specified by the EU Commission in 2013 to qualify for funding from the European Structural and Investment Funds (ESI Funds) during the 2014 – 2020 funding period. In a first step, the regions established their unique selling points and competitive advantages within the specialisation strategies.

For the 2021 – 2027 funding period, the federal states are being encouraged to update their existing specialisation strategies. In the course of the update, Schleswig-Holstein (SH) has continued to develop the “Regional Innovation Strategy of Schleswig-Holstein – Towards a Smart Specialisation” (RIS3.SH), which was launched in 2013. To this end, the fields of specialisation were developed further and new application markets and future markets identified. Schleswig-Holstein set the framework conditions in such a way to encourage the further development of the state’s companies and to increase their competitiveness, create jobs and apprenticeships, and conserve natural resources. Four approaches were described for this purpose:

  • strengthening companies’ innovation activities, specifically, stronger activation of small and medium-sized enterprises
  • strengthening and expanding research and innovation capacity
  • intensifying transfer activities and developing them further in terms of networked and cooperative structures
  • driving digital transformation in the economy and society

In order to ensure the sustainable further development and adaptation of the RIS3.SH going forward and to conduct a performance review of the current strategy, Prognos was commissioned with implementing an effective monitoring /strategic controlling. This includes monitoring the funded activities in Schleswig-Holstein as well as macroeconomic effects.

How we proceed

In close cooperation with ProNord, the funding database for Schleswig-Holstein, Prognos develops various indicators for the monitoring of the funded activities, which the project team evaluates. These include:

  • the number of enterprises supported
  • the number of research institutions and scientists funded
  • the identification of all promotion measures implemented in SH with an innovation-related relevance
  • the share of co-operation and collaborative projects funded in all innovation-related support measures in SH
  • the designation in SH of any promotion measures implemented that are financed by federal and EU funds
  • the number and budget of funded inter-regional projects with participation from SH

In addition, the project team prepares the data such that each funded project can be assigned to a specialisation field.

The team uses relevant sources of official statistics to monitor macroeconomic effects. Among the aspects to be evaluated are the third-party funding rate, start-up intensity, expenditure on research and development, and the individual indicators of the Regional Innovation Scoreboard.

Prognos will conduct their monitoring process three times in total – in 2023, 2025, and 2027.

Links and downloads

More information in German on the RIS3.SH Update 2021 – 2027 (

Project team: Dr Jonathan Eberle, Dr Olaf Arndt

Last update: 11.03.2022

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