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Guest article in SPIEGEL
How Europe's economy
can catch up with the
USA and China





„Europe needs more speed and attacking spirit. We can crack the others' defences with cleverly designed tempo counter-attacks.“
Christian Böllhoff

In geo-economic competition, Europe is in danger of being left behind by the USA and China. Regardless of whether you look at economic growth, per capita income or productivity, Europe is not on a par. But how can it catch up?

Successful participation in any competition requires not only a good team, but also a goal-orientated strategy. This applies to the 2024 European Football Championship as well as in international competition with the USA and China.

In his guest article in SPIEGEL "How Europe's economy can catch up with the USA and China", Prognos Managing Director Christian Böllhoff calls on Europe to set clear priorities for a new match plan at the start of the new EU legislative period

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Last update: 03.07.2024

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