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„We need a Europe that is aware of itself. One that knows its weaknesses but capitalises on its strengths.“
Christian Böllhoff

Europe is facing global economic challenges. The continent is caught between the economic giants USA and China and is in danger of being overrun by both sides. To prevent this from happening, the "old continent" needs a new self-confidence, demands Christian Böllhoff.

In his guest article "Move Europe - it's urgent!" in WirtschaftsWoche, he calls for Europe to reposition itself geo-economically after the EU elections and makes five recommendations for action to the newly elected EU institutions and national governments.

Böllhoff emphasises that Europe must communicate and use its size and strengths in order to maintain its position in the global economy. Courage and unified action are key elements in overcoming the challenges and actively shaping the future of Europe.

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Last update: 12.06.2024

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