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“So that’s what you do!” – Working as a project manager at Prognos


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„As project manager, I keep track of everything.“
Jannis Lambert

Jannis Lambert has been with Prognos since 2013 and is a project manager in the field of environmental economy, circular economy, and climate change. In the interview, he talks about his tasks as a project manager, cross-site project work, and his interesting journey to work.


How long have you been a project manager at Prognos, and which tasks fall within your area of responsibility?
I started as a trainee in the Düsseldorf office, worked on many different projects and I am now a project manager at the Munich office. My job is very diverse. I coordinate the teamwork within projects, accompany the content work and am a “sparrings partner,” contribute to the development of ideas and concepts, present results to our clients, or organise and moderate events.

Which skills and personal characteristics are particularly important for your day-to-day work?
Communication and organisational skills, analytical thinking, and creativity. Depending on the task, they are important in varying degrees – but all skills are equally important. In addition, it is important to be able to keep track of the complex and varied tasks and not to get too easily flustered.

For many of your projects, you work with colleagues from other locations. How do you ensure that project work runs smoothly across all locations and how is it organised?
We make use of the many digital tools now available for our regular cross-location exchange. Video meetings, collaborative work on digital white boards and documents, collaboration platforms, etc. The possibilities are diverse, and we choose the most suitable solutions depending on the situation.

The topics and projects you work on are always right up to date. What is it that drives you the most?
I am very motivated by the idea of working on the important political issues of our time, helping to shape them, and contributing to problem solving. It is also a real challenge having to stay on the ball – that way you never get bored.

And which gadget or tool can you not be without at work?
Either the coffee machine, green tea, or trail mix. Preferably all three.

rote Prognos-Tasse gefüllt mit Kaffee, daneben Mandeln
Prognos AG

Finally, tell us: Does your work on climate change also affect your daily work?
Yes, in many ways. For example, on my way to work. I live a little bit outside of the city, but instead of driving to the office and getting stuck in traffic jams, I prefer to travel in a variety of ways and sustainably – first by bike, then with the ICE (intercity express), and finally, but briefly, with the rusty train station bike. Every morning is quite an experience. Even though it sounds complicated, I do appreciate the journey. Thanks to flexible working, I can already use the time on the train to read and write e-mails and I regularly work from home. I appreciate this flexibility very much.

Projektleiter Jannis Lambert
Prognos AG

Thank you very much for the conversation and the insight into your everyday work, Jannis!

Jannis Lambert’s profile

Note: Jannis Lambert has now been promoted to senior project manager.

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