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“So that’s what you do!” – In conversation with the Head of Human Resources Management


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„From the first contact, I accompany all employees throughout their entire time at Prognos.“
Melanie Nogossek

Melanie Nogossek is head of human resources management and recruiting. In an interview, she reports on her daily work, talks about the internal Prognos “Newcomers Day” and reveals what impresses her with regard to application documents.


What are your responsibilities?
I lead the human resources team, with whom I am in direct contact on a daily basis – live and in colour or in digital form. Starting with recruiting and onboarding, I work with my team to accompany the employees throughout their entire time at Prognos and am responsible for all contractual matters. My area also includes a focus on further training and human resources development. My focus is on the conceptual – in close cooperation with our management.

My role training employees is particularly close to my heart. Trainees are the specialists of tomorrow. I am chair of the Examination Committee at the Düsseldorf Chamber of Industry and Commerce – so our trainees are prepared in the best possible way.

Which skills and interests are particularly important for your day-to-day work?
Trust, empathy, and discretion are essential in human resources. We often deal with what are very sensitive issues for employees – but our managers also need advisory support.

Being up-to-date legally, especially in the field of labour law, is as essential for my job as being open to new HR methods. Regular training is especially important for myself and my team and of great interest.

And which tool or gadget could you not be without at work?
Without my smartphone and my digital calendar, nothing works for me in my everyday working life. Our IT infrastructure is so well put together that I can access my work from anywhere, anytime, via my smartphone. This means that it is largely possible for me (and also for all other employees) to divide and organise my working hours and appointments in a way that I can best integrate them into my professional and personal life.

At this point, however, I would also like to mention that I regularly use the “power-off button” to switch off in the truest sense of the word.

Digitaler Kalender auf dem Smartphone
Prognos AG

Every year, you and your team organise the “Newcomers Day” for all new employees. What do you particularly like about this format?
It is great to meet with all our new colleagues at the Berlin location several times a year, get to know each other personally, and exchange ideas in a relaxed atmosphere. Even if the focus is on communicating company-specific and professional content, there is also a chance to spend time getting to know each other. My absolute highlight is the evening meal at our favourite local Italian restaurant just around the corner, followed by an evening out. Even years later, everyone remembers the people they spent their “Newcomers Day” with.

In Corona times, “Newcomers Day” was unfortunately exclusively digital: Instead of dinner together we all ordered online; and our evening out was compensated by an online event. Even during these challenging times, we did our best.

As head of human resources management, you have contact with all employees. Tell us briefly: What distinguishes a Prognos team member?
At Prognos we want to understand why we do what we do. Prognos team members ask questions.

Melanie Nogossek
Prognos AG/FOTOS Koroll


Finally, a question that will certainly interest many applicants: What really impresses you in terms of incoming applications, what is important to you?
We as employers make an effort with our presentation and representation, but when I notice that the applicants have also done this, this is a positive thing for me. In the end, it is like this: during the application process, sooner or later it becomes clear whether we and the potential new employees will be a good fit.

In addition to this important point, despite all the new application methods, it is important for us that the application documents are complete and relevant. All our job openings contain information on this.

Thank you for your conversation and insights into your daily work!

Melanie Nogossek’s profile

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