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“So that’s what you do!” – Working as a trainee at Prognos


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„I was quickly able to take on responsible tasks.“
Valentin Würth

In 2019, Valentin Würth completed a six-month traineeship in the field of mobility & transport at the Düsseldorf site. Meanwhile, he now supports the team as a student employee. In this interview, he reports on his day-to-day work as a trainee.


What prompted you to gain practical experience at Prognos after your degree?
The decision to gain practical experience before starting my master’s degree was made while completing my bachelor thesis. Although my applied geography studies were very practical in certain areas, in many others they were also very theoretical. I wanted to fill this gap and decided to do a traineeship at Prognos. In my opinion, gaining practical experience is much more important than completing your studies as quickly as possible.

As a trainee, you worked on various projects and actively supported the teams. Which topics were you involved with during the six months and what tasks did you take on?
During my traineeship in the field of mobility and transport, I dealt with numerous future-relevant topics that are heavily discussed in German and European politics. These included, for example, the transformation of transport and climate protection. My daily tasks included the evaluation of quantitative data, the construction and maintenance of databases, as well as conducting comprehensive research on transport policy topics such as cycling, e-mobility, the new Silk Road, or the use of long trucks.

Which tool or gadget in the workplace could you not be without?
My noise-cancelling headphones enable me to work in a focused and undisturbed way.

Prognos AG


And what was the highlight of your traineeship, something you still look back on with satisfaction today?
I remember a milestone meeting in Brussels. I got to present our interim results together with the project team in front of the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association. This is an example of how trainees at Prognos are perceived as full-fledged employees. After a short time, I was given responsibility.

How did you continue after your internship at Prognos?
After my traineeship, I started my Master of Science in Geography, with a focus on economic geography, at the University of Cologne. But I’m still at Prognos: Now I am a student assistant in the field of mobility and transport!

Valentin Würth
Prognos AG


Thank you very much for the interview and the insights into your work as a trainee, Valentin!

Valentin Würth’s profile

Note: Valentin Würth has now been promoted to a consultant role.

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