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Innovation strategy North Rhine-Westphalia

The NRW.innovativ competence centre


State of North Rhine-Westphalia’s Ministry of Economy, Industry, Climate Action, and Energy (MWIKE)




Imp3rove, Kearney, Fraunhofer ISI, Eurada, GiftGrün

„With NRW.innovativ, we want to contribute to NRW making even better use of its diverse potential.“
Dr. Jan-Philipp Kramer, Leiter EU Services

The major transformation topics of our time – digitalisation, decarbonisation, and also demographic change – call for us to look even more thoroughly for new, sustainable solutions to address these future challenges. Innovations are key to this. The aim of the NRW.innovativ competence centre is to strengthen the innovative power of North Rhine-Westphalia with new and forward-looking approaches.

Flanked by the innovation strategy and its industrial policy model, North Rhine-Westphalia has initiated numerous measures to ensure successful industrial transformation. Prognos was commissioned by the North Rhine-Westphalian Ministry of Economy, Industry, Climate Protection, and Energy to set up and operate the “NRW.innovativ” competence centre. Among other things, this serves as a central interface for networking the relevant innovation stakeholders from all areas of society. It thus contributes to the operationalisation of NRW's innovation strategy. Prognos is working on this project with partners Imp3rove, Kearney, Fraunhofer ISI, Eurada, and the GiftGrün agency.

How we proceed

Prognos is responsible for the main areas of work relating to the efficient networking of nationwide innovation actors, the strategic support of regional stakeholders, and the development of lighthouse projects for the NRW innovation location.

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Project team: Dr Jan-Philipp Kramer, Dr Olaf Arndt, Dr Jonathan Eberle, Lennart Galdiga, Moritz Glettenberg, Marie-Kristin Komendzinski

Last update: 11.03.2024

News from the project

Dossier: The role of clusters in regional transformation processes

| Project update

The dossier, which was created as part of the NRW.innovativ competence centre, highlights the role that cluster organisations play in the digital and green transformation in NRW.

Findings from the cluster dialogues: The NRW cluster panorama

| Project update

The NRW Cluster Panorama defines five subject areas in which the greatest potential for the innovation ecosystem in NRW lies.


| Event

Der vom Kompetenzzentrum „NRW.innovativ“ organisierte Summit befasst sich mit dem Thema „Transformation durch Innovation – Chancen für den Innovationsstandort NRW aus der globalen Perspektive“.

European Cluster Conference 2022

| Event

Dr Jan-Philipp Kramer and Lennart Galdiga inform in Prague about the competence centre "NRW.innovativ" and represent the European Cluster Collaboration Platform.

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Partner, Head of Region & Location

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European Cluster Panorama Report 2024

| Project update

Cluster organisations have a significant positive influence on the green and digital transformation. This is a key finding of the Cluster Panorama Report 2024, which Prognos compiled for the European Commission.

Foresight on Demand: Future-oriented expertise for the EU

| Project

As part of the Foresight on Demand consultancy contract, the European Commission is provided with future-orientated knowledge. Prognos supports the expert consortium.

Strengthening Europe’s innovation power

| Project

Prognos supports the European Commission’s General Commission for Research and Innovation (DG RTD) in the strategic development of EU research and innovation policy.

AI players in the federal state

| Project

Which companies are already using or developing artificial intelligence? Which companies would benefit from the use of AI? Prognos created an interactive dashboard for one federal state.

Guideline: Data management for successful sustainability reporting

| Project

We have produced guidelines for successful sustainability reporting in accordance with the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive for an industry association. The third guide deals with data management in accordance with the CSRD.

Study on Poverty and income inequality in the context of the digital transformation

| Project

The study for the European Commission examines the impact of digitalisation on the employment situation in the individual member states as well as on the EU economy as a whole.

Federal Report on Research and Innovation 2024

| Project

In the 2024 Federal Research and Innovation Report (BuFi), the Federal Government presents their current research and innovation policy goals and measures. Once again, Prognos assisted the BMBF in the preparation of the report.

European cluster ecosystems united

| Project update

The European Cluster Conference is a key element of cluster collaboration. It focuses on political priorities, the exchange of best practices and practical contacts across a comprehensive EU-wide network.

Germany: Industry sectors put to the test

| Expertise

Mechanical engineering, the automotive industry, pharmaceuticals: In which sectors is Germany still a leader? On behalf of the Handelsblatt, we examined how successfully Germany is holding its own against its international competitors.

Federal Research and Innovation Report

| Project

The Federal Government regularly presents their current research and innovation policy goals and measures in the Federal Research and Innovation Report. Prognos assists the BMBF in the preparation of the report.

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