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Indicators of
equal living conditions

The establishment of equal living conditions in Germany is one of the goals being prioritised by the Federal Government. But how can the equivalence of living conditions be measured? Prognos develops a set of indicators.
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Evaluation of
Thuringia’s Inclusion Act

On behalf of the Thuringian Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs, Health, Women and Family, Prog-nos is investigating the implementation and effectiveness of the Thuringian Equal Opportunities and Inclusion Act.
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scenarios for Switzerland

What will Switzerland look like in the future? A welfare state in a fair world or an energy guzzler in fortress Europe? We examine the potential impacts of different scenarios on greenhouse gas emissions.
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transformation in the
transport sector

The latest geopolitical and economic developments present a challenge for the ecological transi-tion of transport. Prognos develops measures for the BMDV.
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Green Tech:
Digital technologies
and sustainability  

The Federal Ministry of Economics promotes digital technologies that drive forward the economy’s green transformation. Together with partners, we are responsible for the accompanying research.
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The economic and
social situation of the
creative professions

In a comprehensive study, Prognos analyses the social and economic situation of freelance and hybrid working creatives. The results will serve as a basis for targeted improvements.
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The future of the automotive industry in Saarland

The automotive industry continues to undergo fundamental change worldwide. How does this transformation affect the Saarland economy?
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Evaluation of the
Eurostars-2 funding programme

Eurostars supports cross-border research cooperation of SMEs in Europe. On behalf of the BMBF, Prognos analyses the effectiveness of the Eurostars-2 programme at national level.
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Securing skilled workers
with the help of the Harnessing
Talent Platform

DG Regio's new platform aims to help EU regions develop strategies to attract talent. Prognos is, among other things, leading the knowledge generation.
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Evaluation of the
infant nutrition
preventive programme

For the Association of Private Health Insurance, Prognos supports and evaluates the develop-ment of the “Early happiness: Discovering nutrition together” programme.
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