Prognos Energieatlas 2024

Green electricity atlas

The Prognos Energieatlas 2024 shows the availability of green electricity – in all 400 districts and independent cities.

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Efficient use of
EU funding in
Germany and France

The European Commission has commissioned an examination of the embedding of EU-funded financial instruments for regional development in Germany and France. Prognos is part of the study team.
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Ressource efficiency in Bavaria

Efforts to reduce the consumption of resources in the Bavarian economy must be increased. A Prognos study provides information on the status quo and the starting points for savings.
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Success Factor Family

With the “Success Factor Family” business programme, the BMFSFJ, together with the leading associations of the German economy and the DGB, is committed to a family-conscious work-place.
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Accompanying research on the FONA strategy

The Research for Sustainability (FONA) funding programme is intended to contribute to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Will this target be achieved and which methods can be used to measure this? We investigate this together with partners for the BMBF.
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Latest interim results

Energy Efficiency Roadmap 2045

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Overall impact of climate change, mitigation and adaptation on the German economy

For the first time, an expert report for the Federal Ministry of Economics will jointly assess the economic impact of climate change, mitigation and adaptation.
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Ecological transformation and the labour market in Schleswig-Holstein

How many specialists will Schleswig-Holstein need to implement its climate protection measures? What are the key professions necessary for successful implementation?
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Sustainable end-of-life vehicle recycling

Circular economy in practice: As part of the MaterialLoop project, we have been working with Audi and TSR on how more materials from end-of-life vehicles can be used in the production of new vehicles.
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DG REGIO – Evaluation of the European Green Deal

How effective has the EU cohesion policy been in driving green change in Europe? This and other questions are being investigated jointly with COWI, Milieu, and CSIL, on behalf of the European Commission (DG REGIO).
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