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Green Tech:
Digital technologies
and sustainability  

The Federal Ministry of Economics promotes digital technologies that drive forward the economy’s green transformation. Together with partners, we are responsible for the accompanying research.
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The future of the automotive industry in Saarland

The automotive industry continues to undergo fundamental change worldwide. How does this transformation affect the Saarland economy?
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Ecological footprint
of the pharmaceutical
industry in Germany

We investigate the climate-damaging emissions, water consumption and energy consumption of the German pharmaceutical industry on behalf of the Association of Research-Based Pharmaceu-tical Companies (Verband Forschender Arzneimittel-Hersteller e. V.).
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Evaluation of the
Eurostars-2 funding programme

Eurostars supports cross-border research cooperation of SMEs in Europe. On behalf of the BMBF, Prognos analyses the effectiveness of the Eurostars-2 programme at national level.
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Securing skilled workers
with the help of the Harnessing
Talent Platform

DG Regio's new platform aims to help EU regions develop strategies to attract talent. Prognos is, among other things, leading the knowledge generation.
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Efficient use of
EU funding in
Germany and France

The European Commission has commissioned an examination of the embedding of EU-funded financial instruments for regional development in Germany and France. Prognos is part of the study team.
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Council of the
Working World

Efforts to reduce the consumption of resources in the Bavarian economy must be further in-creased. A Prognos study provides information on the status quo and the starting points for sav-ings.
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Economics Munich –
developments and potential

The environmental economy is a significant economic factor for the city of Munich and its sur-rounding areas. On behalf of the Bavarian capital, Prognos analyses the status quo and devel-opment prospects of the industry.
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Success Factor Family

With the “Success Factor Family” business programme, the BMFSFJ, together with the leading associations of the German economy and the DGB, is committed to a family-conscious work-place.
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Accompanying research on the FONA strategy

The Research for Sustainability (FONA) funding programme is intended to contribute to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Will this target be achieved and which methods can be used to measure this? We investigate this together with partners for the BMBF.
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