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Support of the Just Transition Platform to the Green Deal

Through the Just Transition Platform, the EU supports countries in achieving their climate goals. Prognos helps manage this platform with analytics and knowledge management.
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Accompanying the Circular Cities and Regions Initiative

The CCRI focuses on the implementation of a circular economy in European cities and regions. Prognos is supporting the initiative as a project partner in the associated Coordination and Support Office.
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Economic aspects of the circular economy

Analysis of circular economy, climate change mitigation and adaptation as economic sectors.
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Further development of the European Cluster Collaboration Platform

The aim of the European Cluster Collaboration Platform (ECCP) is to strengthen the European economy through cooperation. Together with our partners, we are developing the ECCP into a single point of contact for cluster organisations in Europe.
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Energy efficiency
analysis of electrical

On behalf of the Energy Agency for Electrical Appliances (eae), Prognos annually examines the development in the efficiency of electrical appliances and their influence on energy consumption in Switzerland.
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Monitoring Schleswig-
Holstein’s regional
innovation strategy

On behalf of the Schleswig-Holstein Ministry of Economics, we are supporting the continuation of the innovation strategy RIS3.SH in the 2021 – 2027 funding period with strategic monitoring.
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Evaluation of childcare
services in NRW         

On behalf of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia’s Ministry for Children, Family, Refugees, and Integration, Prognos is evaluating the changes that the amended Children's Education Act (KiBiz) will have on day care.
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Evaluation of the
Federal Funding for
Efficient Buildings (BEG)

On behalf of the BMWK, we evaluate the impact of the BEG in the funding period 2021 – 2023 together with ifeu, ITG, and FIW.
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Transformation Agency

The Transformation Agency serves as a signpost for the changing world of work. Prognos puts this into action on behalf of the Ministry for Labour, Social Affairs, Transformation and Digitisa-tion (MASTD).
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Innovation strategy North Rhine-Westphalia

Set-up & operation of
an NRW.innovativ
competence centre

The industrial transformation of North Rhine-Westphalia will require innovative measures. The Ministry of Economic Affairs commissioned Prognos and partners to set up an innovation compe-tence centre.
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