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„I am happy to be continuing our successful collaboration.“
Christian Böllhoff

We enable well-founded decisions for a future worth living. These colleagues provide Prognos with guidance.

Since January 2024, seven new partners have joined the Prognos management team:  

Dr. Olaf Arndt has been working for Prognos for more than 20 years in areas where regions are reinventing themselves — in location and regional analysis. He is also responsible for developing our Future Atlas. 

Susanne Heinzelmann is responsible for our strategy consulting in the areas of education and employment. In addition, she is moving project and quality management forward in our company. 

Felizitas Janzen heads our corporate communications and the Marketing & Communication steering group. She shapes the transformation of the company in a communicative manner and advises the CEO and other managers on communication-strategic issues.

Dr. David Juncke has been rooted in family politics for over 20 years. The topic that really matters to him: effective services for all families and partnership-based compatibility. 

Dr. Jan-Philipp Kramer has been leading our Brussels location since 2016 and is responsible for EU services. Solutions for customers with European concerns are what drive him and his team. 

Oliver Lühr focuses on sustainable economic development and climate adaptation. At Prognos, he heads the area of environment, circular economy and climate change. 

Dr. Dagmar Weßler-Poßberg is responsible for social policy. Good general conditions for skilled workers in early education is her core topic at Prognos.

Prognos CEO Christian Böllhoff, stresses the following when it comes to the appointment of new partners: “I am happy to be continuing our successful collaboration. As a result, we are ideally positioned to give our almost 300 employees across ten locations in four countries the orientation they need.” 

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