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Friday, 2020-11-6 | Project

Study on smart specialisation in Germany

Prognos determined the current implementation status of the Regional Innovation Strategies for Smart Specialisation (RIS3) in Germany for the EU Commission.

Wednesday, 2020-09-16 | Project

Needs analysis of funding for Groningen

On behalf of the province of Groningen, Prognos calculates the possible allocation share of funding for the region from the Just Transition Fund. In particular, the possibilities of green hydrogen in the northern Netherlands are emphasised.

Tuesday, 2020-09-8 | Project

Business Model Germany

With quantitative analyses and market assessments, we provide companies with an orientation as to which alternative "second row" foreign markets may be attractive to them in the future.

Thursday, 2020-05-28 | Project

Germany's Innovation Leaders 2020

For the F.A.Z.-Institut and the IMWF, we studied 150,000 innovative companies worldwide. We identified 2,700 companies as innovation leaders.

Thursday, 2020-03-12 | Project

EU’s Global Leadership in Renewables

Prognos, together with COWI, CEPS, and Capgemini invent, examines Europe's position and competitiveness in global renewable energy value chains.

Wednesday, 2020-01-1 | Project

Prognos Charging Report 2020

The Prognos Charging Report 2020 conducted on behalf of EnBW (Energie Baden-Württemberg) provides an overview of the status quo of charging infrastructure.