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What you need.

How do trends in demography, digitalisation, and climate change affect our actions? What does this mean for the design of policies and the development of business models?

You would like to know what changes are relevant to you at an early stage. You are seeking to reduce uncertainties and make informed decisions. Foresight processes provide scientifically substantiated impulses for a strategic future organisation.

What we offer.

Explore opportunities, expand your field of vision – with foresight. While forecasts map development paths under clearly defined conditions, scenarios and foresight processes expand our horizons. They are used to explore not only possible and probable futures, but also conceivable ones. They also consider breaks and radical changes, thereby opening up spaces of possibility. The design of these spaces is what we are concerned with.

Finding answers to complex future challenges. Foresight processes use a variety of tools. Participation formats are just as much a part of this as scanning trends or qualitative and quantitative future scenarios. Interaction with our clients is important to us for the development of shared images of the future and to allow us to examine their significance for your actions.

Foresight: A selection of our services

Future scenarios

We work with you to create future scenarios for strategic planning processes in politics, business, and organisations.

Analysis and impact assessment

We analyse and describe possible consequences of market developments, alternative courses of action, and political instruments.

Cross-disciplinary thinking

We approach questions about the future in a scientifically founded way, against the background of different disciplines and experiences.

Our work in this field

Leitbild Sinnstiftung

| Project

Könnte Purpose das neue Leitbild in Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft werden? Das haben wir im Rahmen unserer Arbeit für das Zukunftsbüro untersucht und mit anderen Szenarien verglichen.

Die Zukunft des Vertrauens in digitalen Welten

| Project

Das Internet schafft neue Interaktionsformen, die ohne Vertrauen nicht funktionieren. Vertrauen wir der Technik oder den Menschen? Eine Studie des BMBF-Zukunftsbüros gibt Antworten.

Verschiebung der Grenzen von Technologie und Biologie

| Project

Künstliche Organe oder humanoide Roboter? Das BMBF-Zukunftsbüro untersuchte, wie sich die Kombination von biologischen und technologischen Systemen künftig entwickeln könnte.

Zukunft von Wertvorstellungen der Menschen in unserem Land

| Project

Das Zukunftsbüro der Strategischen Vorausschau des BMBF, bestehend aus Prognos und Z_punkt, blickt in die Zukunft der Wertvorstellung in Deutschland.

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Michael Astor

Partner, Director

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Prognos – Providing Orientation.

Prognos is one of the oldest economic research centres in Europe. Founded at the University of Basel, Prognos experts have been conducting research for a wide range of clients from the public and private sectors since 1959 – politically independent, scientifically sound.

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