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Further development of the European Cluster Collaboration Platform


EISMEA: European Innovation Council and SME Executive Agency




IMP³ROVE, European Clusters Alliance (ECA), InPulse Partners SRL, AgriFood Lithuania, Eurada, Intracto, LOW, VDI/VDE

The assignment

The European Cluster Collaboration Platform (ECCP), an initiative of the European Union, aims to strengthen the European economy through cooperation. It helps cluster organisations in Europe and beyond to network, communicate, and collaborate to meet the challenges of green and digital transition in a cohesive way. The ECCP and its support services are intended to help increase the performance and competitiveness of the clusters. An essential objective of the ECCP is to facilitate cluster access for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and to support them in their internationalisation activities and positioning in global value chains.

As part of a consortium led by IMP³ROVE, in collaboration with VDI/VDE Innovation + Technik GmbH, European Cluster Alliance, InPulse Partners SRL, Agrifood Lithuania, Eurada, Intracto and LOW, Prognos is developing the European Cluster Collaboration Platform to become a single point of contact for cluster organisations in Europe.

The consortium is involved in a wide range of tasks, ranging from profiling cluster organisations and their ecosystems across Europe, to supporting cooperative efforts, and organising and hosting events.

Our approach

Prognos is responsible for work package 3, "Data & Policy". This includes the mapping and analysis of cluster organisations in the EU and beyond. The ECCP will also build synergies with other initiatives such as the Enterprise Europe Network and the European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform. The project team is also reviewing the existing functionalities of the ECCP and the European Resource Efficiency Platform and developing useful extensions for both platforms.

Furthermore, the project team will produce 19 input papers for 15 regional and 4 C2LAB ("Cluster Collaboration Labs") workshops. The papers each provide a detailed overview of the situation in the region. Aspects such as state framework conditions and investment opportunities will be analysed. They also contain recommendations for policymakers and cluster managers. The input papers for the C2LAB workshops focus on individual major topics such as tourism or energy.

Finally, Prognos is responsible for the “Cluster Programmes in Europe” field of work. The aim is to provide a comprehensive overview of national cluster policies for the EU, the UK, and selected COSME countries. Comparable analyses of all results will be provided, highlighting the most interesting findings on cluster policies and programmes across Europe and beyond. At present, the ECCP provides information on cluster strategies and programmes across Europe in the form of fact sheets. They give a comprehensive overview of the national cluster policies for the EU and third countries. This will also facilitate more strategic interregional cooperation between SMEs by networking and supporting cluster players in Europe.

Links and Downloads

More information to the ECCP (

Project team

Dr Jan-Philipp Kramer, Aneta Sadlik, Marie-Kristin Komendzinski, Dr Georg Klose, Dr Andreas Sachs, Jannis Lambert, Moritz Glettenberg, Hanne Hagedorn, Lennart Galdiga, Romy Kölmel, Johanna Thierstein

Project updates

Cluster meets Regions workshop: Baltic region clusters

| Event

The European Cluster Collaboration Platform is organising the second "Cluster meets Regions" workshop with a focus on Lithuania and the Baltic Sea Region.

Cluster als Treiber der regionalen Entwicklung in Andalusien

| Project

Cluster können die Umsetzung der regionalen Wirtschaftsstrategie unterstützen. Das zeigt ein Inputpapier der European Cluster Collaboration Platform am Beispiel Andalusiens.

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