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Circular economy potential for rural development

Equal living conditions in the city and in the country are a federal government goal. We are looking into how the circular economy can contribute to this for the Federal Ministry for Housing, Urban Development and Construction (BMWSB).
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ERDF and Cohesion Fund
monitoring data merged
at EU level 

The monitoring systems of the EU Member States provide reliable data. A database on all funded projects now enables an analysis at EU level.
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Evaluation of the
federal grants to GTAI

The aim of Germany Trade and Invest (GTAI) is to promote German foreign trade. Prognos investigated whether they are using their budget effectively.
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Decarbonisation of raw materials industries in Germany

A study for the Bertelsmann Stiftung shows which climate policy measures can best support the switch to low-emission production processes.
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Social commitment

Two linden trees and one plane tree for Berlin




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Inflation – extra burden and relief for family households

Calculations on inflation-related additional private household expenditure and the work of the Federal Government's relief package.
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Close-up on heat pumps

Due to increased gas prices, heat pumps are significantly more economical than fossil fuel heaters for average renovated apartment buildings.
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The effects of Chinese subsidies on Germany

Prognos examined the potential impact of Chinese subsidy practices on Germany in three core sectors of the German economy.
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Outlook for new study

Increased climate benefits thanks to European waste management

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Regulation of third-party access to heating networks

The EU Commission wants to make third-party access to district heating networks mandatory. We assessed the consequences for Germany and the possible contribution to decarbonisation on behalf of the BMWK.
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