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Saturday, 2020-08-1 | Thema

Foresight & Forecasts

What is conceivable, possible, likely, desirable? Scenarios, forecasts and other foresight methods explore the scope of action.

Eine Frau umfasst eine Tasse, auf der die Europaflagge zu sehen ist und schlägt ein Magazin auf
Wednesday, 2020-07-1 | Service


In our EU office in Brussels, we support strategies for a stronger EU. With foresight, multi-disciplinary and well connected.

Tuesday, 2019-01-1 |

Prognos Zukunftsatlas®

Zukunftsatlas 2022

Curious about how your region is currently performing? The latest edition of the Prognos Future Atlas® was published by Handelsblatt at the end of September 2022.