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Munich’s Logistics Concept


State Capital Munich




KE Consult and SSP Consult

Our mission

Traffic in German cities continues to increase. The City of Munich therefore wants to limit the diverse burdens caused by the growing logistics transport.

Prognos was commissioned by the state capital Munich to create an integrated logistics concept in cooperation with KE Consult and SSP Consult. The focus is deliberately not only on emissions, but also on the entire range of stresses induced by the logistics processes (infrastructure conflicts, traffic delays, accident risks, reduced quality of living conditions). At the same time, it is important that the concept also secures the supply to business and the population and enables or supports economic development opportunities.

Our approach

The fundamental approach of the partners is to closely link sound scientific analysis and practical knowledge from experts with a multi-stage participation process: On the basis of the well-established knowledge, discussions with stakeholders are accompanied in five stages and ideas capable of consensus are successively worked out. Here the idea is to start from rough ideas and then fine tune them: Firstly, fundamental expectations and goals are negotiated, then areas of action and measures are identified in subsequent meetings. These are then further specified toward implementation maturity, and then finally they are incorporated into an overall concept. As a result, this includes an implementation strategy and addresses measures for two levels: For the entire urban area, as well as specifically for the central urban focus area, where the requirements, urgency, and accuracy of the measures differ from those of the entire city.

Links and downloads

KE CONSULT, SSP Consult and Prognos have already successfully accompanied similar processes for other cities (among others Hamburg, Wiesbaden, and Limburg).

Logistics concept HH (PDF in German,

Logistics concept Wiesbaden (PDF in German,

Logistics concept Limburg (not yet public)

Project team: Sven Altenburg, Maike Breitzke, Kai Lennart Brune, Julia Dick


Latest update: 18.08.2022

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