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Friday, 2024-04-12 | Project conclusion

Europe in a (de)globalised future

Germany and Europe are trying to find their place in the New World Order. Prognos examined four external strategies for the vbw.

Economy & Labour

Economy and labour are in a state of change. This requires both vision and the ability to act flexibly.

Society & State

Reliable strategies for the future are needed to preserve social cohesion. Because people need orientation and security.

Climate & Energy

Consequently countering climate change by transforming the energy system: together, we look towards a future worth living – and let it become a reality.

Regions & Infrastructures

Identifying, facilitating and shaping individual regional advantages: regions and locations must recognise their potential and develop infrastructures with foresight.

Innovation & Digitalisation

Innovations and their promotion require foresight, digitalisation needs a strategic framework – in the private as well as the public sector.

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2nd Cohesion for Transitions Conference & Meetings

Person(s) Richard Simpson, Michelle Reuter, Anna Kronvall, Vera Fuhs
Location Brussels, hybrid
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Clusters meet Regions

Person(s) Dr Jan-Philipp Kramer
Location Graz
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