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Green Economy in Munich:
Developments and potential


State capital Munich



Prognos’ very own envigos model was used to analyse the Munich region’s environmental economy. With a focus on the developments in employment and global value added the six leading markets of the branch were examined.

Interesting insights emerged from looking at the gender distribution of employed persons and trainees as well as the significance of foreign sales for Munich's businesses. The innovation power of Munich’s environmental economy was measured according to patent activity in the environmental sector and also in terms of the number of start-ups. In addition, interviews were conducted with institutions and companies on the topic of innovation.

Through this project, the State Capital Munich seeks to gain an up-to-date overview of the cross-sectoral industry of the environmental economy in the Munich region (planning region 14). They are particularly interested in the economical and innovative focuses and the potential ways in which the city can better support the sector.

Munich’s green economy as a driver for innovation

The goal of the project was to gain an overview of the environmental economic sector’s development in the region of Munich. This overview will enable the City of Munich to support this process effectively and purposefully. The environmental economy is the “enabler” for the sustainable transformation of the economy. Thus, strengthening it benefits both society and politics. Its innovative power through new technologies and start-ups will also be of central importance in overcoming the current crisis.

Here are the core results:

  • Above average growth in employment and value added
  • Particularly dynamic development of “climate-friendly mobility"
  • Munich is Germany’s most important driver of innovation when it comes to patent registrations
  • Start-ups make use of the many positive location factors such as the strong research and development landscape
  • Institutions such as the Munich Urban Colab make strong contributions in the area of innovation and start-ups

Significance and potential of Munich’s environmental economy

The environmental economy is a significant economic factor for the city as well as the surrounding Munich area (planning region 14). In connection with a branch study from the year 2018, Prognos made a current assessment of the State Capital Munich in terms of the economic development of the sector, innovation activity, and start-ups. Within the process, new developments as well as an extended circular economy were taken into account.

Our approach

The basis for updating the Munich region’s environmental economy key figures was Prognos’ very own tried-and-tested, and already widely used, envigos model. The database was used to analyse key economic figures, innovation activities and start-up dynamics in the sector. In addition, interviews with relevant institutions, businesses and start-ups were conducted. From these combined evaluations, action recommendations and priorities were developed for the state capital.

The results were an overview of the developments, potential and priorities for the environmental economy in the region of Munich.

Links and downloads

Further information on the State Capital Munich’s website (in German)

To the study (PDF in German)

Read more about Prognos’ sector study 2017 (in German)

Project team: Jannis Lambert, Philipp Hutzenthaler, Johanna Draeger-Gebhard, Vera Wechner, Lucas Bierhaus

Latest update: 27.11.2023

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