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The assignment

The potential of the creative industry in Baden-Württemberg's rural areas already exists. This can be seen in the number of creative companies and creative business projects already visible in MFG Medien- und Filmgesellschaft Baden-Württemberg’s funding programmes. Drawing from the experiences of the programmes and the creative community, it becomes clear that creative people in rural regions are confronted with quite different opportunities and challenges than their counterparts in large cities.

Potential clients also tend to associate creativity with larger cities and urban centres. And contracts are often awarded to those located there. However, according to a nationwide survey, one in three companies considers the increased visibility of the innovation potential of the cultural and creative industries in rural areas to be of utmost importance. The challenges faced by politicians and public administration lie in the lack of successful examples and models for support measures in those rural areas.

The KreativLand model project aims to generate these insights and experiences. The pilot project, for which Prognos is a scientific partner, will specifically pursue the following objectives:

  • the systematic collection of key figures concerning the cultural and creative industries in rural areas
  • consideration of the challenges and potential of the cultural and creative industries in rural areas
  • communicating and discussing the results with creative people, companies, politics, and administrations
  • closing data and perception gaps

How we proceed

Our creative economy team’s task is to procure, evaluate and prepare key figures for the creative industry in rural areas. In addition, we conduct qualitative interviews with people from the industry about the situation of the cultural and creative industries in rural areas. This dialogue process is designed to elicit concrete experiences from the practice of creative companies and municipalities in rural areas and incorporate them into the recommendations for action for the further promotion of the sector in rural areas.
We summarise the results and develop recommendations for action.

Links and downloads

Press release, in German (

More about the model project, in German (

More about our work on this topic, in English

Project team: Dr Olaf Arndt, Dr Anna Heugel, Kathleen Friday

Last update: 18.01.2023

News from the project

Zukunft der Kultur- und Kreativwirtschaft im Ländlichen Raum Baden-Württembergs

| Event

Auf einer Dialogveranstaltung in Offenburg präsentieren Dr. Olaf Arndt und Dr. Anna Heugel aktuelle Zahlen zur Kultur- und Kreativwirtschaftsbranche in Baden-Württemberg.

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