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Integration: Strengthen cooperation between districts, associated municipalities & cities


Robert Bosch Stiftung



How can cooperation in rural areas be better managed to facilitate the integration of migrants? Together with the Robert Bosch Foundation, Prognos conducted a workshop with integration stakeholders from rural districts. The results were turned into a short report.

A special feature of integration work in rural areas is the division of tasks between districts and the associated cities and municipalities. This requires close and coordinated cooperation between the various local authorities and the involved sponsors, associations, migrant organisations or volunteers.

For the Robert Bosch Foundation, Prognos conducted a workshop with integration stakeholders from districts, municipalities, and cities. The aim of the workshop was to develop organisation possibilities and examine success factors for integration work in rural areas. The focus of the discussion was cross-thematic fields of cooperation such as strategic decision-making, the networking and participation of all parties, intercultural public relations and inter-cultural skills, as well as data management. The results were put into a short report.

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Claudia Münch, Franziska Schreiner

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