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Where do families and senior citizens live best?

ZDF Germany Study 2019





On behalf of ZDF, we have examined the external living conditions for families and senior citizens in Germany's 401 districts and independent cities. Based on statistical data from various fields of life, the two new editions of the ZDF Germany Study provide guidance on where the general conditions for families and older people are particularly good and in which regions there is potential for improvement.

Preferences shift with starting a family and increasing age – the large ZDF Germany Study 2019 takes this into account. Where is the best childcare? Where can older people spend their free time in a particularly varied way? Prognos experts have statistically recorded these and many other criteria on behalf of ZDF and compiled them into regional rankings.

The results were presented in two 'ZDFzeit' documentaries and supported with exciting background knowledge.

Background paper on the ZDF Germany Study 2019

The most important results, location rankings and methodology of the ZDF Germany Study 2019 – compiled for you in a PDF brochure.

Background paper on the ZDF-Deutschland-Studie 2019 (in German, PDF to your e-mail inbox)

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