Real Estate & Location Development

Long-term planning, keeping an eye on developments.

Site and real estate development are built for the long term: Due to the long planning and time of use, a keen eye must be kept on future demands in regional markets as well as rapidly changing customer requirements.

Strategic investment in locations and real estate

Strategic investment in locations and real estate requires a focus on clearly defined conditions for success. In the development of larger sites and properties, for example, long-term requirements, utilization options and clearly defined target groups are crucial – both for the preparatory land-use planning and for the subsequent building design and utilization concept.

The basis of every investment decision is a comprehensive analysis of the location and requirements, which evaluates the regional market environment, the location, the specific site conditions as well as current and future requirements. Only then can the development of demand and the absorption capacity for additional offers of a location be determined in a forward-looking manner. This relationship between supply and demand determines decisively whether property at a given location will sustain its value in the long run, taking into account the appropriate usage and target group.

Location and real estate development in a macroeconomic context

Nevertheless, for a future-oriented location and real estate development, more than only macro- and microeconomic circumstances need to be considered. Sound location and market analyses also take socio-economic and social trends into account, such as demographic change, the increasing flexibility of physical work, and housing preferences or commuter conditions. Such factors transform local and regional demands and exert a decisive influence on the supply and usage structure of asset classes.

Real Estate & Location Development: A selection of our services

Commercial space development & strategies for business areas

  • Development of concepts for commercial spaces at municipal and regional levels, including demand forecasting
  • Analyses of locations and their industries as well as their potentials/plots for strategic development, market introduction and profiling

Housing market analysis & housing space concepts

  • Housing space concepts for municipalities and regions
  • Analysis of the potential and target groups of housing constructions projects

Real estate and location development

  • Analysis of locations and potentials of land and real estate of different asset types (housing, business/logistics, office as well as multipurpose)
  • Utilization plans and feasibility studies for land, buildings and development areas
  • Market and competition analysis
  • Site assessment (macro and micro level), SWOT analysis

Our work on this topic

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The BMVI wants to promote an innovation and technology center for hydrogen. Prognos and its partners are evaluating the concepts of four German regions and investigating their feasibility.

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How can greenhouse gas emissions in the building sector be reduced?

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The impact analysis outlines the spatial links between the two regions.

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Extension of the ex-ante avaluation of the EFRE subordinated loan fund

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The needs of SMEs, freelancers and start-ups in Saarland for loans financed by EU funds were investigated by Prognos experts in an ex-ante evaluation of the ERDF subordinated loan fund commissioned by the Saarland Ministry of Economic Affairs.

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