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Ranking for Germany’s regions

Prognos Zukunftsatlas® 2013


Cooperation with Handelsblatt



The “Prognos Zukunftsatlas® 2013” illustrates the future opportunities of all 402 districts and independent cities in Germany. It builds on the previous atlases from the years 2004, 2007, and 2010, and forms their continuation and update. This makes it the only nationwide ranking that visualizes regional developments over a ten-year period.

Prognos Zukunftsatlas® 2013: At a glance (in German)

Based on the benchmark of the 402 German districts and independent cities, the Zukunftsatlas® illustrates the positioning of the regions in the location competition both in the form of topic-specific (sub-indexes) and overall, in the form of a future index (overall ranking) and derived classes of sustainability.

The Zukunftsatlas® thus functions as a central instrument for the deduction of region-specific needs for action and the design of future-oriented strategy processes in regional development and economic development. Also available as

Overall map [PDF download, 4,8 MB]

Strength map 2013 [PDF download, 911 KB]

Dynamic map 2013 [PDF download, 951 KB]

Further issues of the Prognos Zukunftsatlas®

The Zukunftsatlas has been published every three years since 2004. Here you will find links to all editions:

Further editions

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