Power & Renewable Energy

Achieving global & national climate targets.

The expansion of renewable energies in Germany is central to achieving global and national climate targets. Increasingly renewable electricity generation is the basis for the decarbonisation of the heating market and the transport sector. In the future, energy supply for industry and aviation can also become climate-neutral through the generation of hydrogen and electricity-based energy sources.

Renewable energies in Germany

By now, renewable energies like hydropower, wind energy, photovoltaics, solar and geothermal energy as well as the use of biomass are highly developed and widespread. Technological advances and economies of scale have reduced generation costs: For example, ground-mounted solar and wind power plants have no cost disadvantages compared to fossil power plants. In 2021, renewable energies covered 41 percent of electricity consumption in Germany. In other sectors, the use of renewable energies was less advanced: In the heating market, the share of renewable energies was 17 percent, in transport 7 percent.

Securing the power supply

The transformation of the energy system towards the exclusive use of renewable energies is a major challenge. To secure electricity supply, the future energy system must connect millions of electricity producers, storage facilities and consumers across national borders and react flexibly to different weather situations and demands.

Electricity & Renewable Energies: A selection of our services

Electricity Market Forecasting

We have many years of experience in electricity market forecasting, market design, renewable energy integration, networks and new consumers.

Development & Evaluation of Energy Policy Instruments

We evaluate and further develop energy policy instruments and measures (e.g. Renewable Energy, WindSeeG, KWKG, BEHG, hydrogen strategy, sector coupling, PtX, coal phase-out, expansion of renewable energies) with a focus on economic costs, feasibility, CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions, supply security and electricity prices.

Market Scenarios & Modelling

We offer electricity market scenarios and electricity network modelling based on the Prognos electricity market model and answer key questions related to the future development of the electricity system with regard to electricity generation, CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions, export balance, power plant park, expansion and market integration of renewable energies

Electricity Price Forecasts

We provide electricity price forecasts for wholesale electricity prices (base load, peak load, hourly electricity prices) as well as for end-user electricity prices for different consumption cases (private households, trade, industry).

Profitability Analyses

We perform profitability analyses for assets (wind onshore, wind offshore, photovoltaics, hydroelectric power plants, gas power plants, CHP plants, renewable heat generation, heat supply concepts), mergers and acquisitions (M&A) as well as the calculation of market value factors of renewable energies and contribution margins.

Studies & Expert Opinions

We prepare studies and expert opinions on energy-related topics (security of supply, market design, energy prices, energy and employment, etc.).

Our work on this topic

Take a look at our latest projects and activities.

DG REGIO – Evaluation of the European Green Deal

| Project

How effective has the EU cohesion policy been in driving green change in Europe? This and other questions are being investigated jointly with COWI, Milieu, and CSIL, on behalf of the European Commission (DG REGIO).

11th Energy Transition Monitoring

| Project

Our data shows: As the expansion of renewable energies has been particularly paralysed, a lot still needs to happen in the coming years if Germany is to achieve its energy and climate goals.

Regulation of third-party access to heating networks

| Project

The EU Commission wants to make third-party access to district heating networks mandatory. We assessed the consequences for Germany and the possible contribution to decarbonisation on behalf of the BMWK.

Interview with the Neue Zürcher Zeitung

| News

Energy expert Dr Almut Kirchner talks to the Neue Zürcher Zeitung about the Swiss energy system.

The world negotiates on climate

| News

On Sunday, the 27th UN Climate Change Conference (COP27) begins. Various media sources have picked up on Prognos’ studies and expertise.

Electricity price forecast

| Project

How will the price of electricity develop over the next few years? A scenario calculation of wholesale electricity prices for the vbw.

Climate-neutral electricity sector 2035

| Project

This analysis for Agora Energiewende shows how the transformation of the German electricity sector can succeed by 2035.

Comparison of the "Big 5" climate neutrality scenarios

| Project

Transparency in the climate neutrality debate. A comparison of the "Big 5" climate neutrality scenarios.

Decentralised heat supply in a climate-neutral Germany

| Project

What role does the heat pump play in a 100-percent renewable electricity system compared to hydrogen heating? An analysis for the Climate Neutrality Foundation.

Hydrogen: energy carrier of the future?

| Project

The journey towards climate neutrality is gaining momentum. Hydrogen is a key building block to achieving it.

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